meme dump

meme dump (noun/verb):
The act of injecting an obviously scripted, biased multitude of memes and/or talking points into a conversation. This act can be intentional as in a discussions between a politicians/celebrities/spokesholes or unintentional as in the regurgitation of the contents of such discussions by common slaves. The meme dump is a staple of most disinformation campaigns.

jihadi autodidact

jihadi autodidact (noun):
Similar to a self radicalized citizen, a jihadi autodidact is one that has developed and taught oneself a specifically Muslim flavor of holy, crusading ideology; he/she gleans information from a variety of sources with no one dominant entity. (Defined in NA-537)

Wondering if Fear Mongering is Indigenous to The West Nile

This morning I saw news of the first actual human case of West Nile Virus in Butte County this year. My local “free press” must not know that when they share news of a young boy contracting and then shortly thereafter vanquishing the virus, they are only strengthening the convictions of many; Take care of your immune system; It’s a terrible thing to lose. Vaccines are for rabbits, silly kids.

The fear-fueled “journalism” fails again, but is this a case of an unstoppable force (control by fear) running into an immoveable object (human nature)? It doesn’t seem that these institutions mind being wrong, failing, and leaving their offspring the most shameful lot in life.

If spending US Dollars is our greatest contribution to these institutions (after getting ourselves started down all other possible, parallel paths to freedom), fully extricating ourselves from the grasp of these parasitic racketeers of doom by renouncing those dollars is the most possible, logical endgame.

Some of the latest bullshit right here at KHSLTV.


It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!

BitTorrent Sync the #00 Show

Ryno's #00 Radio BTSync Shared Key:
See my article on BTSyncing the No Agenda Show
for more information.

Last night Ryno @ #00Radio made some magic happen with a Top 10 Countdown. This unique recording (track listing below) along with a growing collection of Ryno’s #00 Show are now being BTSync’d. Feel free.

* “Total Breakdown” by “Brad Suckscc-by-sa

Machine” by “Room 101cc-by-nc-sa

Rails” by “Bing and Ruthcc-by-nc-sa

Birds of Tokyo – Wild Eyed Boy” by “Birds of Tokyocc-by-nc-nd

The Future Soon” by “Jonathan Coultoncc-by-nc

Goals” by “The Dark Clancc-by-nc-nd

Atomic Power” by “Atomucc-by-nc-sa

Don’t Know Why” by “Jamie Rumleycc-by-sa

* “Married Man Blues” by “Freeky Cleencc-by-nc-nd

* “Aston Martins” by “Blue Swervercc-by-nc-sa

* #00 Radio stream recording (with faults on my side) discarded in favor of fresh download of these tracks. Shit happens.

Screenshots Wanted

I’m soliciting screenshots of Btsync’s graphical user interface on Windows and Mac operating systems. My recently published, succinct, how-to on the topic of syncing the No Agenda Show needs to be all that it can be, ya know?

  • If you are a Windows or Mac user and you are unable to figure out how exactly to get your No Agenda BTsync up and running…
  • If you’re on Windows or Mac (at least some of the time) and you have come to understand BTsync as well as possess the ability to take screenshots and send them to me…

Please drop me a line here in the comment section or feel free to email me here.

If someone else out there has already published a how-to on this topic more relevant to Windows and Mac users or would like to I’d happily re-post and/or point to that from here. If someone else out there would like to type something up and send it to me I’d happily publish it for them here. In formulating this publication’s moniker – Gitmo Detox Press – recruiting more freelance human-beings who are also writers was MOS DEF a part of my thought process. On the other hand, my thought process also just came close to leading me to hyphenate the string ‘thought process’.

My being informed and realistic about who my audience is and what they are wanting is optimal…

In other news, my spell-checking program still won’t accept Gitmo as a legitimate word. This is almost as bad as Dvorak’s Law being rejected by the Book of Knowledge.

BitTorrent Sync the No Agenda Show

BitTorrent Sync (btsync) is an outstanding product in active development. Btsync works almost entirely ‘out of the box’ as a peer-to-peer, media distribution tool. Adequate support is available is available via Btsync’s own User Guide and FAQ . I will herein clarify the specifications for joining The No Agenda Show’s distributed distribution efforts so that YOU! too can help propagate the formula.

Find the Package

Seek out BitTorrent Sync in your favorite search engine. Users of the Android operating system can seek out BitTorrent Sync for Android in Google’s Play “store”.

Install the Package

Refer to the BitTorrent Sync’s User Guide and/or FAQ. Hopefully you aren’t beyond hope.

Syncing The No Agenda Show

Your version of the btsync application and it’s corresponding graphical user interface (gui) may be different than mine (Linux i386). My PC/Desktop gui is web-based and accessible via a web browser. I will not replicate Btsync’s User Guide, which quite effectively explains the topic of “Adding folders to sync” and “Staying synchronized”.
Since the keys we are concerned with here are public, I will refer to them as Shared Keys from here on out. In addition to plugging in your chosen Shared Key, the application will ask you to pick a folder on your computer’s hard drive (or any storage device) to store the files your receive via btsync. Our two publicly shared folders are known as No Agenda Show (aka latest) and No Agenda Show Archive.

The No Agenda Show (aka Latest) shared folder is intended to always have one(1) episode in it – the latest episode. When a new episode arrives in the folder, it will take the place of the previously most recent episode. This folder is initially seeded by the honorable podfather and exponentially trickles into a deluge.

No Agenda Show (aka Latest) Shared Key:

The No Agenda Show Archive shared folder, at the time of this writing, consists of 44 gigabytes initially seeded by Eric the Schill @ No Agenda Nation. Eric has been maintaining one of a few stable No Agenda Show Archives for some time now and his collection spans Episodes 1 – 535.

No Agenda Show Archive Shared Key: